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Featured: Biker fatal accident compilation

Think twice what do you like more - the speed or your life?

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Featured: Insane Guy Jumps on Skyscraper

Guy jumps on skyscraper. The video was made by extreme parkour runner Oleg Sh...

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Featured: Skydive went terribly wrong

From skydive to disaster in just few seconds

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Featured: Screaming Fish

Hilarious funny video

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Featured: Funny seal video

Just wait for it..

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Featured: Raging bear attacks hunter

Hunter hit the bear with their car. Bear became angry and ripped the tires of...

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Featured: Train Surfing Adventures - New Video from Moscow

Riding on the roof of a subway train

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Featured: Crazy roofer jumping on top of a Dubai skyscraper

Stunning free climbing on top of one of the tallest buildings in the world

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Featured: Funny random stuff

Funny video from the internets

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